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Favourite animators: Shinya Ohira (大平晋也)

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There lived a boy in the village 180 years ago. He was a boy of great intelligence, but he had one weakness. The boy mocked all things around him so  as to glorify his own intellect. The important lessons never touched his heart. Pride plants the seeds of of bad karma. Solitude was his only friend and confidant. Solitude brings the seeds of bad karma to fruit. His bad karma grew rampant like vines, watered by his thoughts. The boy’s karma spiraled further out of control, and eventually he lost all of his humanity. He had turned into a karma demon. The karma demon realized at last that his existence was for the worse of this world. Karma demons ought not to walk this world.
Now that he knew it, he walked his body to the bottom of a lake. 

(Source: madlyblooming)

Miku & Kaito-Hirari, Hirari 

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